Weekly Reflection 06

Business 250

This week I’ve learned so much about which licenses I would need to run my business and what sales tax apply to me. I find that I get stressed because I want to be protected and I’m always nervous that I will get in trouble for doing something that I’m not supposed to do but now knowing that I’m not suppose to do it. But learning all about the business aspects and behind the scenes stuff is really helpful and I feel like I have things covered. I’m excited to continue learning more about the different aspects of running a business and continuing to build a successful start for myself and company that I run. It was also fun learning and hearing from all the other students in this class. They all helped me out so much by providing feedback and sharing their ideas that were similar to mine.


Weekly Reflection 05

Business 250

This week was fun because I got to learn how to put a PayPal button on a business website! I thought it would be super confusing and hard to do. But literally all it took was a simple step by step process and then it auto generated some code that I could copy and paste into my website. I thought that when I was creating my website I had to pick a template or pay extra for the shopping cart and checkout feature. But now I know how to add code that allows me to do it all on my own. I did have some questions about the security of it all. I want to make sure my users are secure and that people couldn’t get a lot of their information. But then I realized that if it is through PayPal then it is secure and millions of people trust them. This week was amazing and I’m feeling more and more confident in creating my own little start up. Excited to see what the end of the semester will bring.

Weekly Reflection 04

Business 250

This week was a little stressful because I had to narrow my progress of this class down to a product and the excel worksheet was really tedious and difficult. Especially find the search numbers and not just the ranges. Also, I finally narrowed it down to photography because I know that it will be a good start and I can handle getting it up and running in the scope of this class and its time requirements and start up needs. Another important thing I’ve learned is that I need to have a good business model. When I tried starting a business before, it went so wrong because my business model wasn’t there. This time around it was so helpful to learn about all the different models so that my next attempted hopefully will be more of a success. Overall, the most important things are to find the competition, demand, start up cost, and profit that could potentially be earned or lost.

Weekly Reflection 03

Business 250

Wow, a lot has happened since the start of the semester and already I’ve learned so much! After this class I think I’ll give my little online business another try. But this time around I will do better with analytics and search for more fashion ideas that are popping. Also, learning about drop shipping and affiliate marketing really helped me to understand the differences between the two and how each one is applicable to a business model. Learning how to find drop shippers at the right price and quantity is also so important. This go around I will start off smaller and not overwhelm myself with to many products and services that a small start up couldn’t handle at first. I think I’ll invest more time in advertising as well and learning lots about Facebook Ads. This would be a great way to advertise and I could do a soft launch to see if people would be interested in my products.

Weekly Reflection 02

Business 250

This week was filled with so much learning! Starting an online business is not for the faint of heart and there are lots of things to consider. When I tried starting a small online clothing shop everything went so wrong and I now know a part of the reason why. I wasn’t carefully thinking through my business strategy and I have no plan in mind. Not to mention I didn’t have a business model and when I was advertising on Instagram I was not connecting with my users AND my brand had nothing unique about it. Bigger companies selling the same things were of course beating me out because they could offer super sales and excellent prices while I couldn’t offer hardly anything due to my poor marketing strategies. Having a better understanding of all these things really sets my mind in a better place and I think I’m excited to see where this class continues to take me.

Creative Ad Project Final for Canon Printers

Canon Print

For this weeks final project I decided on Canon’s printers because I love photography and I often print my work on with them. I love the way they turn out and it brings my photos to life! For my creative ad I decided on the idea that as the girl looks at the pictures on her desk, it takes her back to the place she took the picture. It really gives her imagination life again and recreates that moment. That was my ultimate goal/message of my ad.

Picture of mountains

Magazine Ad

My fonts are Canon and Calibri and I found these two images on the web but I didn’t write down the URL’s so I couldn’t tell you the exact location. But they are found on Google. Unfortunately I didn’t take them myself. Maybe one day!

Here is the ad that I created in Photoshop that is made for TV so it had different dimensions …

canon picture


In summary, I really loved coming up with ideas and doing my best to get my creative mind going. I know as I work more with my ideas the better they will get. This was a really fun assignment and I look forward to more projects like this.

Icon Set Final Project

Icon Set Update

Last week I was doing an assignment that required me to create an icon set. And it was also my first time using Adobe Illustrator. I learned a lot and I got some amazing feedback from my fellow class mates. My icon set had to relay a single message and no text, gradients, drop shadows, pixels, raster effects where allowed. I decided to do bugs!


Bee icon

I originally had all the legs, antennas and stingers set to square but after some amazing feedback I changed them to be round which I like a lot more.


Mosquito icon

I used simple primary colors for my icons because I felt that reds, blues and yellow were perfect to add to the collective message if my little bugs.


ladybug icon

I also added two more legs to by ladybug since I originally only had four. I think it helped to bring the image together a lot better.


lightening bug icon

I also rounded the ends of the lightening bug’s light beams to bring the roundness together.

In conclusion I learned that unison is key when trying to define and create an icon set and that color and shape are also critical parts to the formula. I know that my bugs are very simple and I’ve been some beautiful icon set examples on the web. I’ll have to continue sharpening my skills!

My First Ever Adobe InDesign Magazine Spread

Blessings of the Temple Magazine Spread

I was very excited this week because we had the chance to update and tweak last weeks assignment of making a magazine spread. This was my very first time creating one and it was such an awesome learning experience for me. I had the chance to use all the wonderful design principles that I’ve been using throughout the COMM 130 course thus far. These principle include typography, color, and photography. Along with that, my target audience was mainly LDS individuals LDS Conference goers but I also would like to think that anyone could read this article and feel the love that Christ has for them and how amazing Temples are. But for know lets get started!

Main Page

magazine title page


I struggled on this first page because originally the background image was to dark and the text melted into the image so it was difficult to see. And I didn’t enjoy the fonts for the title as much. My three fonts are Bryon Regular and Calibri Light and Felix Titling Regular. I really tried to focus on matching a San Serif typeface of the Calibri Light with the Felix Titling Serif typeface and I threw a script typeface in there to mix it up. I think it all went well together! The background image I took myself while down in Utah. It is of the beautiful Salt Lake City Temple which is also the Temple that my husband and I got married. I made the image 31% transparent so that you can easily read the text.

Page 2

For this page I used sanserif typeface Calibri Light for the main body of text and I used serif Baskerville Old Face typeface for the sub headings. I really liked how they matched together and it made the headings more unique. Again, I took this picture on the Salt Lake City Temple grounds and I used leading lines from the horizontal fence post and the beautiful purple and white flowers to lead the eye to the stone bench or rather, the center of the the image. For the colors I used the Adobe Color CC to find a good combination that I thought were good compliments to the temple garden picture. The color palate is below. I added the transparent triangles on the side to give the page a little extra interest and appeal.

color palate


Page 3

magazine spread 3


My last laid just continues on from the second page by using the same fonts and color palate. I gave it another light green transparent edge to connect the pages all together. Also, on the first page, the author of the article is in the same green color as the page corners. I added a larger quote at the top to really break up the page and give it more interest as well. Overall I loved seeing myself experiment with all the different design principles and I’m excited to see how my skills continue to grow and develop. You know what they say… “Practice makes PERFECT!”

Leading Lines, Depth of Field, and Rule of Thirds in Photography

Welcome to my blog and this week I analyzed some of the elements of photography and how they can make a photo more appealing to the eye. Leading Lines, Depth of Field and the Rule of Thirds are just some of the common rules that photographers can use when photographing landscapes, people, animals or whatever it may be… I shouldn’t call them rules because I don’t believe that photography is set by certain rules, but they act more as guidelines that you can follow if you’d like. That’s what creates unique and beautiful pictures from photographers all over the world!

Below are some professionally taken photos. I love National Geographic so the images with the headings “National Geographic Professional Photo” are from the National Geographic’s website and the images under the headings “Personal Photo” are my own personal pictures that I’ve taken with my Canon DSLR. I’ve included an original image and then a draw over that stands as an example of one of the elements of photography.

Leading Lines

National Geographic Professional Photo

National Geographic Photo


Here is a beautiful picture showing how powerful leading lines can be in an image. My eyes instantly follow the imaginary lines to the very center of the photo where those lines lead. As I follow those lines my eye also scan the the whole image as to get as many details out of it as possible. The lines act as a nice guidance as it leads my eyes to the end of the photo.

My draw over shows those leading lines I just mentioned above. I see more leading lines in the image but I feel like the ones I marked in red were the most dominant and free to the eye.

Personal Photo


I love to travel and with traveling comes resort, hotel and guest rooms. Here I just snapped a picture of the hall way in one of the hotels I stayed at. It’s a scene then I’ve seen to many times. There are also leading lines in this picture that I thought would be fun to draw out.

This is my draw over of the leading lines that I see in my hotel hall picture. My picture is no where near as interesting and mysterious as National Geographic’s picture but the element of photography just the same. The lines lead the eyes down the hall way until it reaches the white curtain windows.

Rule of Thirds

National Geographic Professional Photo

National Geographic Photo


This next image shows the Rule of Thirds which, as a very amateur photographer, I wasn’t aware of. I was usually just centering all the objects that I was trying to highlight. Because who doesn’t want to be the center of attention right? The image above is beautiful and I’d like to think that the horse is the centered of attention but it is sharing the spotlight with the mountain in the background.

I drew the grid on this image to show the Rule of Thirds and how to use them. When a photographer uses the Rule of Thirds, the object is to align your subjects up with the intersecting lines. This gives the image more interest and I like it opens up the photo allow other subjects to be in view as well.

Personal Photo


I took this picture in the apple orchards that are on the campus grounds. I used the Rule of Thirds to bring attention to the flower and the bee.

Here, the grid is drawn over the image to show the that I lined up the bee with the intersecting lines. The larger flower below the bee is also in the intersecting lines which follows the Rule of Thirds. I really liked how this picture turned out. I successfully learned that my images can still turn out great even when they aren’t centered.

Depth of Field

National Geographic Professional Photo


I love the Northern Lights and one day I will get to see them! But until then, this beautiful picture will have to work. There is great Depth of Field here with the mountains and the green light acts as a leading line that leads to those mountains in the background.

Here I have drawn a box around the depth of field area of the picture. The images get smaller and almost start to sink in behind the foreground which creates such a wonderful landscape.

Personal Photo


My husband and I had to visit the Korean Consulate in Seattle Washington and while we were there I captured this picture of the Seattle Great Wheel. But what I want to point out is the Dept of Field as the image fades in the background and lays out a nice scenic picture. I love the colors and the distant mountains.

The Seattle Great Wheel looks a lot bigger than the mountains in the background but in actual we all know that the mountains a bigger. The span of the pictures goes way back and creates a nice depth. I highlighted those mountains in the background with the red box.


In summary, all the pictures above would still be beautiful pictures even if the elements weren’t used by the photographers. But when applied it really gives that extra wow and beauty to the picture. I love photography because of the flexibility and how simple, and even complex, it can be. I know that having these tools in my toolbox will make me a better photographer.

URL for National Geographic Photos

PHOTO BY HIROKI KONDOhttp://www.nationalgeographic.com/photography/photo-of-the-day/2017/03/snow-bamboo-forest/

PHOTO BY PETER IZZARDhttp://www.nationalgeographic.com/photography/photo-of-the-day/2017/03/horse-iceland/

PHOTO BY DAG DAHLBERGhttp://www.nationalgeographic.com/photography/photo-of-the-day/2017/05/northern-lights-lofoten-islands/