Owl City Album Design Analysis

Analyzing Owl City Album cover by highlighting elements of contract, repetition, alignment, proximity and color in design.

Owl City Album

Designed by Gediminas Pranckevicius


There is great contrast in the sky created by the sun making the lighter colors fade into dark blue. Also, the whale in the water off to the left side of the pictures creates contrast against the light blue water.


The square windows makes for great repetition on the album cover. There is also repetition between the lit and unlit windows.


The center alignment of the title and sub title text make the design very organized and clean. I think that the tree is also leading the eyes to the album name. Also, the water has nice alignment.


The proximity between the “Owl City” and “the midsummer station” helps the design to not look smashed together and makes it really simple, clean and easy to read.


I would say there aren’t LOTS of color in this design but there seems to be an earthy theme that goes along with the intentions of the designer. Pranckevicius’ artwork often explores the struggle between man and nature by combining man-made structures with flora and fauna, all coexisting in a forced, urban manner. It follows the soft tones of nature.