My First Ever Adobe InDesign Magazine Spread

Blessings of the Temple Magazine Spread

I was very excited this week because we had the chance to update and tweak last weeks assignment of making a magazine spread. This was my very first time creating one and it was such an awesome learning experience for me. I had the chance to use all the wonderful design principles that I’ve been using throughout the COMM 130 course thus far. These principle include typography, color, and photography. Along with that, my target audience was mainly LDS individuals LDS Conference goers but I also would like to think that anyone could read this article and feel the love that Christ has for them and how amazing Temples are. But for know lets get started!

Main Page

magazine title page


I struggled on this first page because originally the background image was to dark and the text melted into the image so it was difficult to see. And I didn’t enjoy the fonts for the title as much. My three fonts are Bryon Regular and Calibri Light and Felix Titling Regular. I really tried to focus on matching a San Serif typeface of the Calibri Light with the Felix Titling Serif typeface and I threw a script typeface in there to mix it up. I think it all went well together! The background image I took myself while down in Utah. It is of the beautiful Salt Lake City Temple which is also the Temple that my husband and I got married. I made the image 31% transparent so that you can easily read the text.

Page 2

For this page I used sanserif typeface Calibri Light for the main body of text and I used serif Baskerville Old Face typeface for the sub headings. I really liked how they matched together and it made the headings more unique. Again, I took this picture on the Salt Lake City Temple grounds and I used leading lines from the horizontal fence post and the beautiful purple and white flowers to lead the eye to the stone bench or rather, the center of the the image. For the colors I used the Adobe Color CC to find a good combination that I thought were good compliments to the temple garden picture. The color palate is below. I added the transparent triangles on the side to give the page a little extra interest and appeal.

color palate


Page 3

magazine spread 3


My last laid just continues on from the second page by using the same fonts and color palate. I gave it another light green transparent edge to connect the pages all together. Also, on the first page, the author of the article is in the same green color as the page corners. I added a larger quote at the top to really break up the page and give it more interest as well. Overall I loved seeing myself experiment with all the different design principles and I’m excited to see how my skills continue to grow and develop. You know what they say… “Practice makes PERFECT!”


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