Icon Set Final Project

Icon Set Update

Last week I was doing an assignment that required me to create an icon set. And it was also my first time using Adobe Illustrator. I learned a lot and I got some amazing feedback from my fellow class mates. My icon set had to relay a single message and no text, gradients, drop shadows, pixels, raster effects where allowed. I decided to do bugs!


Bee icon

I originally had all the legs, antennas and stingers set to square but after some amazing feedback I changed them to be round which I like a lot more.


Mosquito icon

I used simple primary colors for my icons because I felt that reds, blues and yellow were perfect to add to the collective message if my little bugs.


ladybug icon

I also added two more legs to by ladybug since I originally only had four. I think it helped to bring the image together a lot better.


lightening bug icon

I also rounded the ends of the lightening bug’s light beams to bring the roundness together.

In conclusion I learned that unison is key when trying to define and create an icon set and that color and shape are also critical parts to the formula. I know that my bugs are very simple and I’ve been some beautiful icon set examples on the web. I’ll have to continue sharpening my skills!