Creative Ad Project Final for Canon Printers

Canon Print

For this weeks final project I decided on Canon’s printers because I love photography and I often print my work on with them. I love the way they turn out and it brings my photos to life! For my creative ad I decided on the idea that as the girl looks at the pictures on her desk, it takes her back to the place she took the picture. It really gives her imagination life again and recreates that moment. That was my ultimate goal/message of my ad.

Picture of mountains

Magazine Ad

My fonts are Canon and Calibri and I found these two images on the web but I didn’t write down the URL’s so I couldn’t tell you the exact location. But they are found on Google. Unfortunately I didn’t take them myself. Maybe one day!

Here is the ad that I created in Photoshop that is made for TV so it had different dimensions …

canon picture


In summary, I really loved coming up with ideas and doing my best to get my creative mind going. I know as I work more with my ideas the better they will get. This was a really fun assignment and I look forward to more projects like this.


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