Weekly Reflection 13

Business 250

This week we analyzed the Google Analytics of our websites and it was cool to see the stats of my photography business. I learned that most users spend about 2 minutes on my site which I feel isn’t to bad. I’d like it to increase and turn into more conversions but I guess I have to start somewhere and work my way up right? I learned what my best and worst keywords were and let me tell ya, some of them surprised me. I wouldn’t search the same things that people search if I were looking for a photographer but that is why we have AdWords and Google Analytics. I see what people are searching the most of. I know to look at these things when creating more online businesses and to help improve my photography business right now. I can’t wait for my new site to be up so that I can see how it does. Cheers to the last week of the semester!


Weekly Reflection 12

Business 250

This week we talked about social media channels and which ones would be best for our type of business. I choose Facebook and Instagram because my ideal clients are on those social media platforms. I also would eventually like to incorporate Pinterest to my social media platforms because I know a lot of ladies/future brides get on Pinterest to get ideas and such and I feel like I could target them a lot easier than trying to do it on Facebook or Instagram. I have a new website that I’m in the process of creating and I’m really excited to get that up and going. This class has taught me so much about running a business. I’m excited to set up adwords on that new website and start getting my name out there as soon as possible. Wish me luck and hope that everything continues to evolve and get better.

Weekly Reflection 11

Business 250

This week was amazing because I learned how important it is to name the links something proper and relevant to what the page is about. The SEO can associate the words in the link. I also love the keywords and how successful they can make the website. I took a while to switch up the keywords on my SEO and I could see the progress I was making with them. When I finally got keywords that were matched with what my website was all about and I got more people coming to my site and really working for my business rather than against my business.

Weekly Reflection 10

Business 250

This week was amazing because I got to see my business AdWords campaign really take off! I got over 100 clicks and tons of impressions. I guess I shouldn’t feel to amazed cause out of all those impressions I only got 100 clicks. I know that my website could be a lot better and after this class I am going to change it around a lot. I’m super excited to be learning how to use business tools to increase me conversions and to make changes that help my business grow even over the small time spent getting it up and running. I am really excited to continue working with it and letting it grow slowly. This class has been wonderful in teaching me how to organize and prepare for running a small online business and what numbers should look like and what processes I should be running in order to be some what successful. I know I will get there and I’ll get better and better as I practice and continue to apply what I know and what I’ve learned.

Weekly Reflection 09

Business 250

This week was intimidating because we actually started our real campaign and it’s been kind of scary. Money is at stake and I don’t want to spend way to much. But it has been really helpful learning about how to connect Google Analytics to our sites and also link that to AdWords. I hope it all works! Another thing I’ve noticed is that AdWords has updated since the instructor recorded his video so it is a lot different and most the time I get confused and have to watch YouTube videos. But that’s ok. Struggling a little bit doesn’t hurt and it can make me a lot smarter. Anyways, the project is progressing along very well and I’m happy with how far I’ve made it. I was really nervous taking this class but it has been really fun and very helpful for future business ideas. I’m excited to see how we all finish off this semester!








                    Hello and welcome to elizabethlimphotography!

I am so glad you are here and wanting to learn more about photography and how to provide the best client experience as possible. As a new photographer myself, I have made lots of these mistakes that I will mention in this article and I really wish someone would have told me a little more about these things when starting my business. So, let’s get started…

First off, let me make this clear that I don’t consider myself an expert at any level in photography and I have much to understand and learn. I am sharing this information with you from photographer to photographer and I would love to get your feedback and comments. They’re very much welcome but please, lets be nice and share positive comments and love! That being said…

Let me start off by asking how many of you have been contacted by distressed future brides or fiance who, not at all or in any way, happy with their engagement photos and want them redone! Or they were so uncomfortable with their past photographer that they want to get someone new to do their bridal pictures and/or wedding. I have been shocked time and time again by how many clients that have come to me because of this. Almost like getting a bad tattoo, most of my clients in this situation feel like they are stuck with such a horrible experience throughout the rest of their bridal and wedding photography plans. And to add on top of their experience are the stresses of limited time and money to find a new photographer. Well here are some of the things that I find really help to avoid being THAT photographer…

Bring a portable speaker

  • Make a playlist of fun and romantic songs that can be played while shooting. I can’t tell you how many couples have told me how it helps them get in the mood to get those amazing shoots that you’ve prepared so hard for.

Bring additional props

  • Your couples/individuals might not be interested in props but I found that having them really helps to up-do a location or candid pose. Bring along blankets, battery powered evening lighting or even an instrument to place in the corner. I’ve had tons of compliments from couples who wanted that extra added prop that made the picture pop even more.


  • I really don’t mind investing a little in my couples who book with me. After all, it should be all about them, right? I try to bring along snacks like pretzels, trail mix, cookies and water for my clients. Who doesn’t get hungry when posing for killer shots right?

Heater/Extra winter wear

  • Alright, this is mainly for the super cozy and ultra-magical winter sessions that take place at some beautiful remote location up in the snowy mountains. When you have a couple or bride and groom standing for even 10 minutes in the cold it will become miserable and could potentially end with you saying adios to some amazing photos and leaving a seriously freezing and unhappy couple. Bringing heaters to have waiting right after a winter wonderland shoot can save you in so many ways and it will impress your clients and help them have a better time. It is something I would invest in, especially for winter weddings/engagements.

I hope these tips have been helpful and I really hope you comment and share some experiences you’ve had in the past and what you did the make the situation better. Remember, we are all growing in skill. Photography is a form of art and expression. That’s what makes it so fun!

Weekly Reflection 08

Business 250

This week I had the chance to learn about how to create an adwords ad for my business. I have to say that I was really intimidated by the idea of doing this and I have no idea why. I guess the thought of running and business and doing all the stuff required to make it successful is really nerve racking. But once I read the instruction and got started it wasn’t bad at all. The process was very simple and I have an idea of how to do it for the next business that I decide the start up. The only problem is the money that I feel is required to make my business ad stand out and actually be effective. I know as my business grows I can invest more money into it. It’s like line upon line, precept upon precept! I’m excited to see the closing of this semester and the outcomes that I see because of it.

Weekly Reflection 07

Business 250

This week I had the chance to learn about keywords and how they can help in a Google business Adword campaign. I haven’t thought much about creating a campaign for my business because I’ve always found it complicated or would cost lots of money. But my main focus now was to choose smart keywords that would boost the audience awareness towards my products and or services. Our focus this week was on finding out what a good and bad keyword it. So here is what I thought…

I think a good keyword is something that can encompass the meaning of a target or product all in one. Or even a word that compliments and draws attention to the product. Like if I said pool tools the audience might automatically think of swimming, diving board, water park, swimming lessons and more. In contrast, a bad keyword would be something that reduces the idea or diverts the audience from the intended target or audience. An example would be if I said dirt bikes one might think motocross, helmet, mud, action but if my keywords are things like quad, scooter, clean, quiet or chopper if instantly draws the audience away from the initial target. These keywords are really important to considered when creating a campaign to help your business and sales. I’ll be thinking a lot more about what keywords I’ll be using during this course.

Weekly Reflection 06

Business 250

This week I’ve learned so much about which licenses I would need to run my business and what sales tax apply to me. I find that I get stressed because I want to be protected and I’m always nervous that I will get in trouble for doing something that I’m not supposed to do but now knowing that I’m not suppose to do it. But learning all about the business aspects and behind the scenes stuff is really helpful and I feel like I have things covered. I’m excited to continue learning more about the different aspects of running a business and continuing to build a successful start for myself and company that I run. It was also fun learning and hearing from all the other students in this class. They all helped me out so much by providing feedback and sharing their ideas that were similar to mine.

Weekly Reflection 05

Business 250

This week was fun because I got to learn how to put a PayPal button on a business website! I thought it would be super confusing and hard to do. But literally all it took was a simple step by step process and then it auto generated some code that I could copy and paste into my website. I thought that when I was creating my website I had to pick a template or pay extra for the shopping cart and checkout feature. But now I know how to add code that allows me to do it all on my own. I did have some questions about the security of it all. I want to make sure my users are secure and that people couldn’t get a lot of their information. But then I realized that if it is through PayPal then it is secure and millions of people trust them. This week was amazing and I’m feeling more and more confident in creating my own little start up. Excited to see what the end of the semester will bring.